​Decorative Concrete Complete, Inc.

Decorative Concrete Complete in Orlando

Stamped Concrete
Newly placed concrete 4, 6 or 8 inches in depth, stamped in one of many patterns chosen by our clients. The newly stamped areas are then custom acid-stained or antiqued with the clients choice of colorants. Completed with a solvent based sealant either high gloss or matte finish.

Stamped Overlays
An innovative, high strength cement topping perfect for covering existing concrete surfaces. Once applied, it is then stamped, colored and sealed with the process used on new concrete installations.

Custom Staining
This process can be applied to stamped concrete, overlays, countertops or smooth trowelled areas of concrete. Staining can be applied in one tone or multiple tones for multiple tones for multiple build-ups which create spectacular mottled finishes for interior or exterior surfaces.

Concrete Countertops
Installation of these surfaces are the ultimate in appeal, durability and value. Concrete counter tops can be textured, stained and profiled by capstone, marble round or other custom faced form systems.

Pool Decks 
Installation of a custom concrete pool deck can be as appealing as it is durable. At DCC we specialize in stamped pool deck design

Full Service Maintenance Programs
We offer services of sealing, coloring or any restorations for stamped or decorative concrete areas.