​Decorative Concrete Complete, Inc.

Resort and Water Park, Orlando, FL

This is one of our projects located in Orlando, Florida. Our company maintains this on an annual basis with a cleaning, color touch up where needed and a reseal.  This project was done in 2010 and still looks like it was  installed yesterday.


Maintenance Central Florida

Sustaining and Caring for your beautiful stamped concrete is a very important matter. Maintaining your decorative concrete on a regular basis will keep your custom hardscapes looking new and protected against the elements of weather and other debris. It is crucial for this process to be performed every 18 to 24 months depending on the elements and use of the area. Skipping this important step could turn your lifetime investment into a short term investment. Our company can provide you with a maintenance package with our experienced installation and care for your valuable investment. Our maintenance includes complete cleaning of the areas with re-Staining (if needed) and re-sealing. We also offer crack chasing and Color Caulking (shown in the video).  

To the right is a short video clip explaining the value of crack chasing a once beautiful pool deck, Thus restoring it to its previous Beauty.